Things Looking a Bit Brighter for Avreichim And Bnei Torah in Israel


mirThe recent coalition allocation of NIS 83 million for chareidi educational institutions in Israel will be breathing a sigh of relief to many avreichim and their families, as well as bochrim in yeshivos gedolos. The allocation was part of the coalition agreements signed with Yahadut Hatorah.

A one-time payment will be made in the coming week to mosdos Torah in the amount of NIS 1,954 per talmid yeshiva and NIS 3,517 per avreich in kollel.

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush told the press “We kept our promise due to the Siyata Dishmaya, “correcting the glaring injustice created by the previous government as it brutally slashed budgets to religious institutions and our holy yeshivos”.

Porush thanked Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and other senior ministry officials for their assistance.

Officials in Deputy Minister Porush’s office report that beginning on Thursday, 12 Teves, the following sums are being transferred to chareidi institutions.

· Thursday: Transfer of the differential accumulated for three months, January – March, which amounts to NIS 501 per talmid and NIS 902 per avreich.

· Friday: Transfer of the differential accumulated for four months, April – July 2015, which amounts to NIS 668 per talmid and NIS 1,202 per avreich.

· Sunday: Transfer of the differential accumulated for four months, August – November 2015, which amounts to NIS 308 per talmid and NIS 554 per avreich plus the current payment, which amounts to NIS 477 per talmid and NIS 858 per avreich monthly.

In total, each talmid will receive NISW 1,954 and each avreich NIS 3,517 monthly.

Beginning on Friday, 13 Teves, monthly support payments will begin in the amount of NIS 477 per talmid and NIS 858 for an avreich.

In addition, beginning with the coming budget year, talmidim from abroad studying in yeshivos will receive NIS 453 monthly per talmid and NIS 815 monthly per avreich. These payments were also eliminated by the previous administration.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. How sweet… How wonderful…
    It’s so good we have those secular Jews to make their secular state and fight in the army instead of us. What would we do if they all became frum?
    Oh, of course then Moshiach will come…
    But in the mean time let them do their thing and we will partner with them and benefit from their deeds.
    No problem here, Right??

  2. #2, I dont understand are you being sarcastic, bec. the whole zechus of the Zionist entity’s enterprise is the existence of learning undisturbed with narishkeit, if they all became ehrliche and observe shabbos and shmita all would be good.