Meir Rabin Emerges Disappointed from the High Court Appeal, Which was Rejected


rabinOne of the Holyland defendants who emerged disappointed after the verdict in the appeal was announced by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, 17 Teves was Meir Rabin, whose appeal was rejected.

Rabin, a chareidi businessman, is headed to prison in February 2016 for five years for his key role in the Holyland case. The court rejected his appeal and upheld the ruling of the Tel Aviv District Court. This was true for defendant Uri Sheetrit as well, who will be serving seven years in prison, the original sentence handed down by the Tel Aviv District Court.

Rabin, who was known as the “Macher” in the case, also served as a personal confidant to former state witness Shmuel Dechner. Dechner was convicted on multiple counts of brokering bribes and money laundering. He was sentenced to three years in prison which was reduced to two years.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)