Girl From Kew Gardens Hills Found – Devorah Stubin Still Missing


AnZcFc-E1wXDhWz-14sDBw7Sn7PDhDx8X9XZSVjfGgN6YWN has received confirmation from Chaverim of Queens that the missing 22 year old girl from Kew Gardens Hills has been found. Baruch hashem she is now safe and in the hands of family and friends.

No more information will be published about this incident.

However another girl, Devorah Stubin from New Jersey, has been reported missing and the public should continue praying for the well being of Devorah bas Shoshana Rus so that should be found hastily.

She is wearing a black sweater and skirt, pink wool coat, rainbow sneakers, and gold-rim glasses.

She is 5 foot 2 inches in height, and weighs 110 pounds.

She has dark brown hair.

She was last seen when stopped by police in Maywood, NJ and stated she was lost. The officer reportedly gave her directions to get back on the Garden State Parkway.

The car she is driving is a 1998 silver Mitsubishi Galant, with NJ Pate number K4O FPH.

Identifying marks on Vehicle: Antenna taped with orange strip and grey tape. Sunroof has peeling duct tape around window.

She has never before been missing.

If you have any information, please call Hatzolah at 973‐472‐1002 Passaic Police Department at 973‐365‐3900.
May we hear Besuros Tovas….

(YWN – Studio B)


  1. I really do wish information as to why many of our fellow brothers and sisters disappear or get lost. The information wouldnt be intended to embarrass the family but instead it can be used as tools of how, why, and most importantly how to prevent further tragedies. For example, if we need more mental health education inour communities, then we can strengthen and protect our communities.