TRAGEDY: Body Of Devorah Stubin A’H Found in Submerged Car In Passaic River



Police in Wallington, New Jersey have confirmed to YWN that a car submerged in the Passaic River is the vehicle that 22-year old Devorah Stubin, was driving when she went missing on Thursday.

As YWN reported on Friday morning, Devorah she was pulled over in Maywood by police on Thursday night for a traffic stop. Family members told police that she immediately called her mother crying afterwards.

Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino told YWN that Police Divers have matched up the license plate. The vehicle is in the process of being removed from the river.

Saudino commended the incredible search effort by Hatzolah, Chaverim, Shomrim from many areas including Brooklyn, Passaic, Rockland County, Lakewood and many other areas. In fact, the vehicle would have never been located if not for a Chaverim Volunteer. Hundreds of volunteers had joined the search efforts.

Rabbi Abe Friedman, NJ State Police Chaplain commended the incredible work of the police agencies involved.

Further information will be published shortly.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

(Dov Gefen – YWN)


  1. There is a disconnect between the article and the headline. The article says the car was not taken out of the river. How do they know the body is in the car. What happens if she is not?? An the search restarts in ernest?

  2. “The article says the car was not taken out of the river. How do they know the body is in the car.”

    Using a new invention mentioned in the article, called “DIVERS”. I’ll excuse ur ignorance, as it’s a relatively new invention, only been around for a mere couple of millenniums.

  3. BDE

    This is horrific, the 9th innocent child/infant niftar in January (2 weeks)

    1)Captain Yishai Russels-of Moshav Beit Meir of Jerusalem-killed at the Tzeilim base in southern Israel as a result of a training mishap involving a mortar shell-January 5 2016-23

    2)Tehila Ochayon,-from Rehovot, Israel-drowned in a hotel pool during a Chanuka Vacation-January 6 2016-6

    3)Moshe Refoel Mizrachi- grandson of Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul-Head wounds of being mishandled by a caregiver-January 7 2016-4 months old

    4)Child-of Ramot Shlomo in Yerushalyim-lost consciousness & went into Cardiac Arrest-January 10 2016-2

    5)Talia Zarihan-of Israel-suffered from a heart defect since birth-January 11 2016-18 months

    6)Child-of Kiryat Ata, Israel-did not awake the next morning, caused by “crib death”-January 12 2016-18 months

    7)Daniella Moffson,-Daughter of Michael & Sheera of the Upper East Side-killed in a bus accident in Honduras, -January 14 2016-21

    8)Devorah Stubin-of Passaic NJ-Found in car in the Passaic River-January 15 2016-24

    9)Girl-of Highland Park NJ-struck by a car today, in front of the Agudah shul-January 16 2016-6 yrs. old

    Look at their tragic young ages niftar

    Do you think its coincidence?

    perhaps its finally time for a z’man of Teshuva Kinnus & Taanis. how sad & tragic must the situation in klal yisroel get C”V before we admit to ourselves that its time for us to finally get together as a nation & do teshuva?

    May all the nashamos have an aliya

    May all their families have a Nechama

    May we all do teshuva towards the geula very soon

  4. bd”a

    dunno, something just doesn’t add up!
    2 girls went missing, one was found b”H but no more info will be published… obviously something is being hidden, the other girl ends up in the river, after being pulled over by the police as a routine traffic check, she also spoke to her mother… it all just doesn’t add up.

    Hashem yishmor

  5. Sad to have to remind anyone that SIDS and accidents are common. What if you lived during the Crusades, Tach v’Tat, or the holocaust? Nobody gets out of this world alive. We admit this in U’nasene tokef on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, or weren’t some of these commenters paying attention to what’s printed in their machzorim?

  6. #13 arelle,

    Why do you “need” to know more info on the found girl? Why isn’t it sufficient enough for you to know she’s BH alive and now safe? ARE YOU A YENTA that needs to know EVERYTHING????

  7. To Mark Levin, I absolutely want to know why precious Jews are disappearing and/or getting lost. It’s absolutely tragic to witness reports of missing people, all the more so when the deceased body is found. I can understand a potential embarrassment for the loved one and their family/friends, but how can we teach and potentially prevent further occurrences if we can’t discover the reasons for the whole situation. For example, implementing and/or improving mental health awareness in our yeshivas and schools. Teaching children young about strangers, and staying in one safe place until help arrives. We all hope to not see one more missing person again, but unfortunately our communities are learning very little from these tragedies. We are taking practically nothing from these “stories” to implement as a lesson.