Trump Campaign Defends Choice to Boycott Debate


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truDonald Trump’s presidential campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is accusing FOX News anchorwoman Megyn Kelly of being “completely obsessed” with his candidate, and says most people tuned in to the first FOX News Republican debate because Trump was on stage.

His comments to ABC’s Good Morning America Wednesday follow a statement by Trump a day earlier that he would not participate in the upcoming FOX News GOP debate, scheduled for Thursday.

The feud between Trump and Kelly began during the first FOX News debate in August, when Kelly asked the candidate if previous, disparaging comments he has made against women reflect the temperament of a president.

On Tuesday, Trump called Kelly a “lightweight reporter.”

Lewandowski said Wednesday that Trump will instead spend his time with wounded veterans in Des Moines, Iowa. The state hosts the country’s lead-off presidential contest on Feb. 1.