Jewish Man in Baltimore is Latest Victim of Despicable ‘Knockout Game’


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koA knockout attack occurred on Friday night in Baltimore’s Jewish community, reports.

A Jewish man was walking on the 3900 block of Strathmore when he was approached by two African American males. One suspect approached the Jewish man and punched him in the face breaking his nose. He proceeded to kick the Jewish man while he was on the floor.

One suspect was described as wearing army camouflage and a black ski mask.

Both suspects fled the scene after the attack. If you see anything suspicious, first call 911 then Shomrim at 410.358.9999

Criminologist Jack Levin of Northeastern University who studies crime explained the knockout game saying, “they want to create anxiety, to feel powerful, to laugh at the results.”

Experts say the idea of a “thrill crime” makes the perpetrator feel empowered. Though the attacks seem random, there is a connection, at least in motive.

Because police statistics don’t distinguish between random and targeted attacks, little is known about the thought process behind the knock out game.