VIDEO: Skverer Dayan Joins Divers O Hudson To Be Mispallel For Recovery Of Body


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The search for a missing New Square resident continued on Monday morning in and along the Hudson River.

Today, the Skvrer Dayan, Hagaon HaRav Sholom Pollack Shlita joined the search teams on a boat to be Mispallel in the last known location of the missing person.

Northeast Search and Rescue, a volunteer organization, along with New Square Emergency Services and Chaverim of Rockland launched two boats along with search dogs to try to find the missing man.

Ramapo Police Chief joined the team prior to the launch in Edgewater, NJ to extend the gratitude of Supervisor St. Lawrence, the Ramapo Town Board and RPD for their efforts in trying to locate him.

As YWN has previously reported, Its been more than a week since the body of a yid is still not recovered and not able to come to its final rest.

Askonim are working day and night with private companies to look for the body, and have it brought to proper Kever Yisroel.

Tragedy rocked the Jewish community in Rockland County, Friday Jan 22, when one of their own lost his life by plunging into the frigid waters of the Hudson River at the George Washington Bridge r”l.

Despite astronomical expenses to locate the body, no expense has been spared. The most highly regarded engineering/diving firm in the country, underwater scanners and robots have been summoned to plumb the depths of the Hudson River in this effort, at the astounding rate of $10,000 per day!

if you can donate to help out with the search, please visit

(Dov Gordon – YWN)