Netanya Parents Outraged – Junior High Teacher Showed Students a Video of Shechita


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shechParents of a Netanya junior high school are outraged at a teacher who decided show a video of actual shechita. According to one parent, her daughter has not stopped throwing up as a result. She feels the teacher acted inappropriately and did not show sensitivity to the young students by showing them a most inappropriate video.

According to the MyNet report, seventh graders at the Miriam Yellin-Stakliss Junior High School in Netanya were shown an actual video of bovine shechita.

Parents were reportedly shocked and angered over the lack of discretion by the teacher, airing a video that showed a slaughterhouse and actual shechita. The parents question if the Ministry of Education permits showing such content; the wisdom in doing so and questioning the educational value for students in seventh grade.

In response, the school administration states “The video that was aired is thought-provoking as well as promoting increased sensitivity among students while inviting them to shape their perceptions and personal values. The education system permits raising controversial issues and invites youths to experience and think about topics of public discussion taking place today”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What public discussion do they want to promote – to stop shechita in EY choliloh; or to encourage thouse youngsters to buy Neveiloh or to become vegetarians?

  2. That’s so stupid!
    while in these days the kids are watching all kind of horrific scenes of human murder / terrorist attacks, be-headings, but if someone is showing shchita, they make a big issue of it, i would say its crazy but STUPID.

  3. #3- Charlie, I’m a little surprised to see you post such a comment. Not everything is suitable for young children to see and certainly not without appropriate preparation.

    I suspect that the teacher in question is some variety of PETA activist whose motive in showing a graphic film of the slaughter of animals to his students was to influence them to accept his way of thinking and had nothing whatsoever to do with teaching hilchot shchitah.

  4. My kids & grandkids would also be nauseous & throwing up after this type of video.
    Why am I assuming teacher is male & student is female!! Males see violence, blood, knives, in a different sphere than women…

  5. #5 you seem to be confusing Male with Animal. Any sensitive human being should be disturbed from seeing violence! There is no point in watching שחיטה, unless somebody is actually learning הלכות שחיטה!