Jerusalem Magistrate Court Rules in Lawsuit Against Kallah for Cancelling Chasunah


chupThe Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Wednesday, 1 Adar I, handed down its verdict in the case of a chareidi man who filed a lawsuit against his former kallah, seeking damages in the amount of NIS 157,810, because she pulled out of the wedding shortly before the date.

As was reported by YWN-ISRAEL, the kallah said she never agreed to marry him and they were never engaged but that he took advantage of her naiveté and bought her love by buying her things and throwing money around.

She also told the court that despite his decision to move ahead and prepare for the chasenah, she told him she was uninterested in marrying him. She labeled him “compulsive” and accused him of striking her and depicted him as being unstable. However, the court saw the chosson in a different light.

The court reviewed all the evidence, stating they ordered the hall on January 12, 2013, with both parties signing the contract. They had genetic testing done on January 21st and printed invitations on January 30th. The kallah attended eight sessions with a kallah instructor and on February 8th they signed a rental agreement for their apartment. They bought appliances on February 22nd. All of this was done as a couple, not unilaterally by either party.

The plaintiff laid out all the money for the above-mentioned with the exception of NIS 6,400 paid by the bride’s father but including NIS 1,947 that the kallah spent on clothing, using her chosson’s credit card as he claimed, but she denied.

On March 1st the kallah informed her chosson she does not want to marry and she disappeared and stopped attending kallah class. On March 4th she returned and stated emphatically she would not marry him. This was 18 days before the chupah was to take place.

The ruling

The plaintiff proved his damages to the court’s satisfaction, showing the kallah backed out on her word, her commitment to marry him and is therefore liable for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage caused to him.

The court ordered the kallah to pay NIS 53,000 in monetary damages to the chosson and an additional NIS 7,000 for non-pecuniary damage. The amounts will reflect interest accrued and linkage to the shekel rate as required by law.

The kallah is also ordered to bear the court costs, including the calling of witnesses, which amounts to an additional NIS 5,000 and attorney fees amounting to an additional NIS 10,000 plus value added tax in the amount of 17% as required by law and once again, including interest and linkage.

She was given five monthly installments, which must begin by March 1, 2016. If one month is missed, she will also incur collection costs.

And so ends the chasenah that did not take place, unless the kallah appeals of course.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)