Photo Essay: Purim Night Learning in Yeshiva Torah Temimah (Photos by Yitzy Engel)


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  1. There is such incredible beauty in this.
    That same night (one week ago tonight) I went into the Shul I daven in around 10:30 and saw 20 bochurim learning with real geshmak.
    I was told there is a gevir in the community who will sponsor groups that would have gone collecting Purim night to instead learn and he would give the cause for which they were collecting the full amount they anticipated raising.
    The streets of Flatbush are getting vile on Purim night. I’m hoping other gevirim will join this revolution and close their doors to groups of teenagers Purim night and instead support the groups efforts another way.

  2. velicher choosid – Whilst you raise a valid point regarding the streets getting “vile” purim night, however, it’s obvious you have no chinuch experience, Most eenagers who sit and learn all winter, at the time of Purim need already an ‘outing’, and look forward to it all winter,so yes, if one is that of a masmid ‘kol haKavod’ but the typical are not at that level.