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CKD Avreichim Receive Highest Scores on Rabbanut Bechinos

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Of the hundreds of kollelim that exist in Yerushalayim today, the Center for Kehilla Development (CKD) is truly unique. Founded in Elul 2014 by Rabbi Leib Kelemen, an internationally known chinuch expert, the objective of the kollel is to equip avreichim with the knowledge, skills and experience to become future community leaders.



The schedule is rigorous and the pace is intense. Over the course of five years, the avreichim will receive semicha from the Rabbanut of Israel in Niddah, Shabbos and Issur v’heter; be repeatedly tested on over nine hundred daf of gemara; learn several classic works of mussar and machshava- including Nefesh Hachaim and Daas Tevunos– b’iyun; and receive extensive training in sholom bayis and chinuch.



CKD avreichim can testify to the rewards of their efforts. In the most recent Rabbanut exam on hilchos niddah, members of the kollel received an average score of 95%. Israel’s Chief Rabbi Lau was so impressed with these results that he invited the avreichim to his office to personally congratulate them on their exceptional achievements. Rabbi Kelemen is delighted with the remarkable success of his avreichim, but is, nonetheless, not surprised: “Our avreichim are extraordinary men and are taught by outstanding talmidei chachamim who are also expert mechanchim. And, of course, the avreichim love the limud and put in long hours for many months preparing for their exams.”


Ap4vIc_t9mOy3Pj3S2Pg7ED2rg5s43Zy7fR3qTGaDXlr (1)Members of the kollel take advantage of the best that Yerushalayim has to offer: The daily learning schedule is led and overseen by Rav Yosef Kamenetsky, Shlit”a; Rav Osher Weiss, Shlit”a, a world-renowned posek and dayan, delivers regular shiurim; and avreichim receive practical shimush in hilchos niddah from the renowned posek, Rav Ephraim Kirschenbaum, Shlit”a.


At1LhJmh8Xs6UzIc2zrp-wSD1r934mz_6HnWUBfQ1HfrAvreichim explain that they are attracted to the kollel by the high standard of learning, the breadth of the program’s curriculum, the opportunity to be meshamesh extraordinary talmidei chachamim, and the generous stipend. Yaakov Yisrael Privalsky enthuses, “The program develops every aspect of a person’s life- spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.”


Avxx2nyDUQGN-0kjlwO_mlU5DfPtfbqj-oKXhFXn8qNbRabbanim worldwide endorse the value of the CKD, acknowledging that there is no better framework to train those seeking high level positions in rabbanus, kiruv or chinuch. According to Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger, Rav of Shaarei Tefilla, New Hempstead, “I know of no other program that prepares its yungeleit to be Rabbanim and leaders at this level.” Rav Yaakov Leonard, Rosh Yeshiva of Nesivos Aharon, predicts that “CKD graduates will play a vital role in Klal Yisrael’s future.”


If you are age 25-30 and aspire to begin a career in community leadership within the next five years, please apply via the kollel website:  Any further questions may be submitted to [email protected].


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  1. The fact that they are such a top of the line kollel in limudei torah yet still have an “online” website adds to their effectiveness. You cannot train future leaders of the tzibur and follow the mindless admonitions of those who would deny access to the internet and render these kollel yungerlet dysfunctional in modern society.

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