Dispute At Kiddush Over Herring Leads to Stabbing Incident R’L In An Australian Shul


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HerringAccording to local media reports, the Yeshivah Centre in the St. Kilda East area of Melbourne, Australia was in “lock down for about an hour” on Shabbos due to a stabbing in the shul R”L, which is located on Hotham Street. The victim, a man in his 20s, was transported to Alfred Hospital in serious/stable condition. Police are investigating.

According to the version appearing in various Jewish media sources, the victim was wounded in his upper torso as a result of an argument during a kiddush. Kikar Shabbos News quotes witnesses who said a fight erupted at a Kiddush between two men over herring, with one refusing to pass it to the other. The man then picked up a knife and stabbed the other.

Hatzalah responded, treated and stabilized the victim and then transported to the hospital.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “Kom Lei b’deRav Mineh” Since at the moment of the stabbing, the stabber was Mechalel Shabbos by Chabolo {causing a wound}, he is Potur from damages to the other man.

  2. To prevent this type of stabbing incident-as well as any R”L terrorist/anti-Semitic episodes-at my shul, several mispalelim carry (within our eiruv) guns on Shabbos. B”H

  3. To comment no. 1 and 2:
    If the victim was your relative, would you make the same comment? If the victim was your friend, what comment would you have shared with us?

  4. I always knew herrings have “bones of contention.” Best keep away from a kiddush, it’s not the calories we have to worry about.

  5. Well, at least he had a good reason for stabbing another Jew! Man! Mashiach better come fast. Yidden are quickly becoming unrecognizable, R”L.

  6. What is so hard to understand? It’s not the herring, it’s a lesson in anger management… Yes, anger can lead to killing a fellow yid even for the silliest reasons!

    That’s why this was posted, we should live and learn a thing or two.

  7. First of all , we must assume that it was shmaltz herring. We need to give this man the benefit of the doubt.imagine sitting through a long davening and it’s finally time for the kiddush and you abt to grab the last piece of herring from the plate and someone snatches it right off your toothpick….. Not something I would wish on anyone! We must hear both sides of the story!!!

  8. very sick story . thats what chabad gets when u allow
    every mushgana in to shiull
    we should have guards at the doors
    keruv hiynt or mogan we have to watch who comes tru the doors

  9. Why is everyone making wisecracks about this?! I think this story is quite depressing; that Yidden at a kiddush can sink to the level of common criminals and lowlifes.

  10. Lo dubim velo yaar. It did not happen at a Chabad shul, nor did it happen at kiddish, and no herring was involved. It happened outside Kehillat Rambam, a Sefardi shul that is across the street from the Yeshivah Centre, and where herring is bal yero’eh uval yimotzei.

    And there was no official lockdown, at Yeshivah or anywhere else. Some self-appointed busybodies announced a “lockdown”, but anyone who felt like ignoring it did so.