Hebrew U: Students Requesting A Mechitzah For Mixed Event Cause A Storm


1A number of religious female students attending Hebrew University in Jerusalem asked administration officials to place a mechitzah at the school’s law department prom. It is noted that this was never done in the past but they feel the mechitzah simply permits maintaining modesty standards during the dance.

A student in the political science department told the dati leumi Kippa website “this is an annual event. The justice department has a prom annually, a fancy ball like in the USA. It is a formal event planned by both students and faculty. A number of female students requested a mechitzah last year but they didn’t wish to create a fuss so did not file a formal request. This year however they said they would vote on it among the participants in the law department”.

The movement to block the mechitzah is already underway via Facebook. One student explains separate dancing is offensive to her.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Putting a “mechitza” in the middle of a ballroom for a “Prom” is a bit meshugah…..if mixed dancing is offensive, don’t go to the prom and instead take your beschert to a daf yomi class. This is not a religious event and the school’s classes are mixed gender.