Hebrew University Student Body Accommodates Ramadan, But Not A Mechitzah


1It was not too long ago that YWN-ISRAEL reported the storm that resulted in a request from frum female students to have a mechitzah at a prom event to accommodate the religious students. The request was voted upon after the university preferred not to make a decision and the request for a mechitzah was defeated in the 211-176 vote.

However, when it comes to Islamic students and accommodating Ramadan the university’s student body exhibits an additional measure of religious tolerance far exceeding its desire to take a step towards permitting frum females to attend.

So much so the student body even offered to reschedule an event as to avoid offending any Muslims fasting on Ramadan. Exacerbating the situation is the event in question is the very same prom which was denied a mechitzah, which the student body has learned is set for the first night of Ramadan. The apology issued by the student body to Islamic students was unprecedented, tripping over themselves to find favor in the eyes of the Islamic students as opposed to all but ignoring the religious sensitivities of the frum Jewish students.

Other solutions offered by the student union, which are far more costly than setting a mechitzah in place include starting the prom an hour later, offering a private taxi for each Muslim student to permit them to attend after the day’s fast ends, and even offering another date for the prom.

When asked to comment to the date leumi Srugim website, the university explains the matter is one of the student union, not the university.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Logical. Zionism always favored minority rights. Zionism also favored surpressing traditional Judaism, which the zionists consider to be backwards. Goyim living peacefully under zionist rule is something to boast about. Hareidi Jews living in Eretz Yisrael is a problem to be addressed.