US Flags to Be Reinstalled on NY Firetrucks After Outcry


fdflAmerican flags will be reinstalled on some firetrucks in a New York community after an outcry that followed fire commissioners’ orders to take them down.

Fire commissioners in the Arlington Fire District in the town of Poughkeepsie had ordered the large flags removed from the back of three fire engines earlier this month. The move was made over concerns about possible U.S. flag code violations and potential safety risks to firefighters and motorists.

An agreement announced Thursday will allow smaller 2-by-3-foot American flags on three of the district’s front-line engines, which are the firetrucks used most frequently.

Amid the debate over the mid-August decision, officials decided to allow a large flag on one firetruck. That compromise failed to quell the controversy.



  1. I agree of course as an American there should be nothing wrong with US flags on fire trucks, as long as there is no danger from the fire. The Matter perhaps to ask is when fire trucks have Crosses on them. Should Jewish and Moslem and Hindu citizens feel secure or maybe no big deal? Regarding 911 many non Christians died as well. 🙂