HATE: Swastikas, ‘Hail Hitler’ found at Jewish Lakewood School Playground


sThe following is via TLS:

Swastikas and other anti-Semitic messages were found spray-painted at a Lakewood playground today.

Swastikas were sprayed on the play equipment, as well as on a door to the school building – currently utilized by a day camp.

Mayor Menashe Miller went down to the playground to see the hate messages, and condemned the act.

“Lakewood Township and its police department takes bias crime very seriously,” Mayor Miller told TLS. “It is obvious that someone is trying to intimidate a particular segment of the community and we will not tolerate that sort of behavior.”

The responding officer, Officer Ruiz apologized to the Mayor and bystanders for having to witness this type of anti-Semitism.

(Source: TLS)


  1. why would an officer apologize to the mayor its not respectful n also it’s probably some off the derech kids n do we get the same upset when other minority’s are made fun of

  2. Trump’s Embrace of the Alt-Right Should Worry Orthodox Jews

    For months, critics of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have been warning about the disturbing relationship brewing between himself and the so-called Alt-Right. The Alt-Right are a loosely connected group of white supremacist neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, pseudo-intellectual nationalists and online bloggers who closely mirror the politics of the extreme right wing movements on the rise in Europe. Like Trump, they feel constrained by the “burdens” of what they deem “political correctness” (otherwise known as civil discourse), are strongly suspicious of foreign immigration and are attracted to Trump’s vulgar style.

    In the US, these ideas are generally considered fringe and barely recognized by major politicians or the general media. But the political ascendancy of Donald Trump last year, along with his divisive rhetoric against Mexican immigrants and his proposed ban on Muslim immigration (which he’s since revised), have breathed new life into the movement and have brought this ugly ensemble closer to the fore.

    Throughout the campaign, Trump has been signaling to this group repeatedly. From his hesitance to denounce the support of former KKK leader David Duke, to his frequent retweeting of white supremacists and to his posting a meme that first appeared on a neo-Nazi message board.

    Defenders of Donald Trump have consistently dismissed these concerns as fear mongering and contrived hysterics. After all, Trump hasn’t explicitly come out and endorsed white supremacy, has he? And isn’t his daughter a converted Orthodox Jew? So go most of the common defenses.

    Thus far, there really haven’t been any tangible or concretely visible connections between Trump and the Alt-Right fringe.

    Until now.

    Last week, the Trump campaign announced that they’ve hired Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon as CEO of the Trump campaign. Breitbart was founded by the late Andrew Breitbart as a conservative alternative to the mainstream media. He advocated for objectivity in media and vigorously fought the liberal bias that permeates so much of it. However, since his passing in 2012, and more so in recent years, the site has become a parody of itself, having abandoned traditional conservative values, adopting nationalism and populism instead, and has turned into an unabashed promoter of Donald Trump. So much so, that it shamed one of its own employees in his defense. It has abandoned its founding rationale and has become the go-to example for bias in media, to the extent that its CEO has been coordinating with a presidential candidate behind the scenes and is now heading his campaign.

    But that isn’t the most troubling part about Breitbart News. Since embracing Donald Trump under Bannon’s watch, the site has become a magnet for the Alt-Right, as reflected in its virulent comments section. “We’re the platform for the alt-right,” Bannon proudly boasted in an interview during the Republican National Convention. Breitbart even ran a lengthy piece in March attempting to whitewash the Alt-Right movement, describing them as full of “youthfull energy” and “dangerously bright”. The Washington Post reports that Bannon has been advising Trump “to run more fully as an outsider and an unabashed nationalist”.

    The merging of Trump and the Alt-Right is now formally cemented and should be a cause for concern about the future of the Republican Party and particularly for Orthodox Jews. For years, the Republican Party has been the most vocal defender of religious liberty and tolerance. Now the campaign of the standard bearer of the party is headed by a man who has given legitimacy and an influential platform to a heretofore fringe and dangerous extreme. Jews in Europe know firsthand the harassment, intolerance and outright anti-Semitism that flow from the nationalist right-wing movements in Germany, England, France and other countries. Nationalist movements are never friendly to freedom in general, and are particularly hostile to the Jewish people in particular.

  3. Reminders we are in Galus – let’s just keep making Kiddush Hashems wherever we are that’s the only way to combat such anti semitism