MDA: Let’s Have A Safe Return To The Classroom


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mdalMagen David Adom, a primary Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Israel, is prepared for the opening of the nation’s school system on Thursday, September 1, 2016.

With over two million students heading to school on Thursday, MDA is standing by in all cities and municipalities nationwide as it does year-round. MDA calls on motorists to exhibit added vigilance on Thursday, especially in proximity to schools and crosswalks as the little ones will be making their way to and from school for the new school year.

MDA officials add that its thousands of employees and volunteers nationwide, including EMTs and paramedics whom have undergone special training in how to address emergency calls when dealing with children beginning from the age of 3 in line with the nation’s Education Law and MDA’s commitment to respond to any of the tens of thousands of schools and kindergartens nationwide in a time of need.

With schools opening on the horizon, some of tips given by MDA include:

· Make certain the little ones are correctly seated and buckled up in private vehicles and school transportation vehicles

· Make certain safety seats and restraints are age/size appropriate

· Upon arrival, check the vehicle thoroughly to make sure no one is left behind

· Parents should make certain children have adequate food and drink for the day, especially during the last of the hot summer months

· Motorists are urged to slow down when seeing children nearing crosswalks and school vehicles

· Parents should exercise crossing in authorized crosswalks with their children prior to sending them off to school

· Any and all children under the age of nine must have an adult accompany them

· Pay special attention for a child running out between parked cars near schools and playground areas

· In general, maintain vigilance when out and about for children left in parked vehicles and notify authorities immediately

· In case of an accident or another medical emergency, call 101 without hesitation

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)