Azoulai About Lieberman: Let Him Learn The Job Before Talking


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1Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke out against the ‘hold’ the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the nation’s religious councils have on the lives of citizens. Lieberman also accuses religious councils of taking care of their own, providing jobs for their relatives.

Minister of Religious Services (Shas) David Azoulai responded to the harsh allegations. He told Kikar Shabbos News “I suggest that Minister Lieberman, who is only in his post for a short time, learn the job for this is most important. He deals with matters of security and the more he learns the more he will succeed”.

“Regarding religious services, perhaps he says this due to a lack of knowledge. Therefore, I told him prior to criticizing as a result of not knowing, to take the time to learn close and up front regarding religious services in Israel. I would be pleased to escort him to any place he wishes towards letting him see how things operate up close and what is done in the Chief Rabbinate and religious councils as well as the rabbonim and mashgichim”.

Azoulai added he does not know which rabbonim Lieberman is referring to, adding the rabbonim in the system work extremely hard and address many matters including shalom bayis and kiruv. “I know many rabbis like this and he should meet them too” adds Azoulai.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)