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Frightening Facebook Post Calls For The Elimination Of Chareidim By Nuclear Holocaust

11A frightening post was discovered on Facebook, on the page called Shir Melody, stating “Someone has to eliminate the chareidim from the world. Let’s say a nuclear Holocaust or something like this”.

“They are unnecessary, unproductive, stupid, prohibit and prohibit (themselves on others) and deformed – trying to sweep normal people and make them abnormal, primitive, incurably and evidently screwed – destroy these destructive clerics”.

Police have been notified as the posting is going viral in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow! we must be proud, look at the great fruits of zionism. How about her own great-grandparents and their generations back to har Sinai? I’m sure they looked like “wild hareidi’s” would she have them killed too if they were still alive?

  2. Only thing I can think of that would spark a reaction like that is maybe some yelling nazi at her, or maybe spitting at her and screaming shiksa, or maybe just maybe throwing a rock at hercar on Shabbos. But… that would never happen so yea, wow, if only she emulated the behavior of all charedim.

    Classic one sided overreaction. Go ahead, call the “mishtara tziyoni”.

  3. Hey 2929, the Arabs have committed a wee bit more violence than the examples you cite of the Charedim. Do you see any posts calling for similar genocide against them? You are a hater like the author of that vile diatribe.

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