WATCH: Stolen Emails Detail Distress In Clinton Campaign


Hacked emails from Clinton’s campaign manager’s private Gmail reveal a cast of characters working behind the presidential candidate, who at times expressed frustration with her and with each other over bad habits or secrecy.


  1. Only the 33,000 emails? What about her money laundering aka The Clinton Foundation and the millions of dollars spend on ammunition to be delivered to the US in the middle of November? Why is this lawless corrupt woman not in jail?

    And talking about her head injury, that doctor is history – another victim of The Clinton Body Count.

    And for this Rotten (as her namesake) wicked woman some Jews would vote for H”Y.

  2. I thought it was pretty grim here in the UK with the very left leaning labour party and all the anti Semitic and corruption stuff that goes on there in that party but this US election takes it all to a new level. The question is who is the lesser of evils not who is the best candidate. Just hope our American friends receive the siatta dishmaya to make the right choice for all our sakes.