Trump Writes Note For The Kosel


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Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump wrote a handwritten note to be placed in the Kotel, which was passed through an adviser, David Faiman, to be placed in the wall.

Trump wrote the note after talking with his daughter, Ivanka, who is Jewish.

The note reads: “May you bless the United States, our armed forces and our allies. May your guiding hand protect and strengthen our great nation.”



  1. Yes she should’ve advised him not to be an adulterer, liar and sleaze.
    Also I’ve wondered what she was doing in a treif restaurant after tzom Gedaliah.

  2. # 3.
    I wonder what were you doing in the same restaurant that you saw her. Besides that you should not be looking at the married women.

    And btw, some non kosher restaurant do order a packaged kosher food from outside to accommodate some religious guests at the events and parties.

  3. #3 You’re lying through your teeth after Yom Kippur. Where did you pick up ALL those lies? Must have seen it in Bill Clinton and Hillary.

    If you still don’t see the corruption and wickedness in the witch you want to vote for and prefer to keep hiding your head in the sand you really need to see someone, but quickly H”Y.

  4. Re comment 4: I don’t know about commenter no. 3, but I saw an article that reported Ivanka was in a non-kosher restaurant recently. The article named the restaurant – Nobu, in Manhattan – but did not indicate that it was not kosher. It is a well-known, fashionable restaurant, and its owner is Japanese (and, I assume, not Jewish). And, no, I have not been there.

  5. To the logical one
    I’m not a trump fan but don’t you know it’s ABC or Anyone But Clinton. Ask Aryeh on these boards he’ll explain to you why. Basically I’ll vote for Mickey Mouse (which pretty much describes trump) to make sure Hillary doesn’t win.

  6. Nobu does not have a good hashgacha, chassidish or otherwise. I would give her the benefit of the doubt since she might have been there for some business or social function and just eaten plain sushi thinking it was ok.

  7. I would give her the benefit of the doubt as well, as I myself – back in my single days when I worked for a company in NYC’s West Village – occasionally joined my colleagues for lunch at treif restaurants (where I had only a Diet Coke).