HISTORY! Orthodox Rabbi To Throw Out First Pitch At Historic World Series


wsA Rabbi from Ohio named Daniel Eleff, will be pitching the ceremonial pitch at tonight’s final game 7 of the 2016 MLB World Series. You may not recognize the name but Daniel is the Dan behind the deals site, of Dan’s Deals.

Eleff , a credit card points and travel industry expert has amassed millions of miles and credit card points from sign-up bonuses over the years and that is exactly how he managed to be the highest bidder for a Starwoods Hotel competition that auctioned off the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial pitch at the 2016, World Series.



  1. Rabbi?
    Since when he a rabbi? It’s bad enough Jews participate in English sports, but are we supposed to be happy about this?
    Thank Gd he’s NOT a orthodox rabbi, and doesn’t represent us.

  2. @Aryeh

    #2 did not say he’s not Orthodox…only that he’s not an Orthodox Rabbi – which is true. If you asked Mr. Eleff he would concur.

  3. If he did not have a beard he would not be called Rabbi. It is unfortunate that things are so superficial but then again…we can’t mind read…so we are calling his beard Rabbi.

    Best of luck to the Daniel. I understand that over a million spg points were spent on this..something I could never fathom honestly…what is this, opening the curtain for neilah? But G-d bless him. Regardless, go CUBS! They waited long enough…longer than the Indians and they have a very sizable Jewish community too…if that makes a difference….go CUBS go

  4. Its sad that we should be proud of this and yes this is history , BAD history , it is written clearly in igras moshe its asur to go to baseball stadiums

  5. Let us first see his objectives
    Maybe this will enable him to speak in public schools?
    If he does then dozens may be on their way to a Shabbat table(eventually) , maybe via R Klatzco’s ‘SHABBAT.COM’
    Or maybe it is just about a vain thrill nebach

  6. Dan’s pitch preceded Thome’s. Dan paid over a million SPG points for this, enough for 20 round trip coach tickets to Israel or six first class tickets.

  7. I am sure that Daniel Eleff is a wonderful person, a Yid who is shomer mitzvos. Probably not actually a rabbi, but that’s not so important. What is important and upsetting is frum people getting excited over pitching the ceremonial pitch, as if it was the equivalent of saying the “hadran” at the Siyum HaShas in Madison Square Gardens. Such boisterous enthusiasm ought rightly be reserved for matters of real value.