REMINDER: Change Your Clocks On Motzei Shabbos (USA) – And Check Your Smoke Alarms


clockGet ready for the annual fall ritual of turning back your clocks by one hour, and relish that extra hour of sleep this weekend.

Daylight saving time is ending and it’s back to standard time for most people in the United States.

The change comes at 2 a.m. local time Sunday, and the shift moves one hour of daylight to the morning from the evening.

Residents of Hawaii, most of Arizona and some U.S. territories don’t need to fiddle with their clocks because those places don’t observe daylight saving time. Europe made the change last weekend.

Daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. local time on Sunday, March 12.

Daylight savings is also a good reminder for people to check smoke alarms in their residences to ensure they’re working properly.

Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, or IAFC, are partnering to encourage families to change the batteries in smoke alarms and CO detectors, a task that doubles a family’s chance of surviving a home fire, according to a news release by the program.

“The habit of changing batteries during Daylight-Saving Time is an easy task that can be the difference between life and death,” Chief Jeffrey D. Johnson, president of the IAFC, said in the release.

A home fire death occurs approximately every three hours in the United States, killing 540 children each year, according to data from the National Fire Protection Association.

Ninety-six percent of families in the U.S. have smoke alarms, but 19 percent of the detectors do not work, Johnson said. A smoke alarm provides extra time for people to escape a fire so it crucial that batteries are changed often.



  1. Daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. local time on Sunday, March 12. On פורים, as will also happen in 2028.

    Hawaii, most of Arizona & Puerto Rico & Saskatchewan & Iceland also spared from this חוקת-הגוי

  2. If it is, indeed, a חוקת הגוי, rather than a matter of convenience, (which the frum summer camps empoy, as well), how come you are so knowledgeable about its פורים schedule as far away as 2028 (which is, presumably, a year counted from some virgin birth)?