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VIDEOS: Ivanka Prays – The Donald Saved! As Ivanka Was At Ohel Of Rebbe, Secret Service Rushed Him Off Stage


Donald Trump was rushed off stage by the Secret Service during a rally in Nevada but returned within minutes.

The Republican nominee had been speaking to supporters in Reno for a while when a disturbance broke out in the crowd close to the podium.

Two Secret Service agents quickly surrounded Trump, then hustled him off stage.

The nature of the disturbance was unclear. But several security officials escorted a man out of the venue soon afterward.

Upon his return, Trump thanked the Secret Service.

He told the crowd: “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us. But we will never be stopped. Never ever be stopped.”

Trump released the following statement to the media shortly after:

“I would like to thank the United States Secret Service and the law enforcement resources in Reno and the state of Nevada for their fast and professional response. I also want to thank the many thousands of people present for their unwavering and unbelievable support. Nothing will stop us – we will make America great again!”.

Meanwhile, at around the same time that the Secret Service were rushing Trump off the stage, his Jewish daughter Ivanka was seen praying at the Ohel of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (SEE VIDEO BELOW).

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  1. Ivanka is a Gorgeous, Brilliant, Elegant Smart Businesswoman, and she is an Orthodox Jew, who shares great Friday Night Shabbos Meal recipes. She also shares how happy she is to keep Shabbos and Kosher. Melania Trump is a Class Act, beautiful, poised, and dressed appropriately modestly. Trump is Pro-Israel, strong on preventing Terror, against the Terrible Iran Nuke Deal that gave Billions in Cash to Mullah Iran, and he wants to Lower Taxes, and give Us School Vouchers to offset costs of Tuition. All his Policies are Excellent for Americans, including the Jewish Community.

    Hillary and the Democrat Party have a very anti-Israel Platform- it is Pro-Palestinian, and wants ’67 Borders, and Divided Jerusalem. she also wants to Bring in Millions of Syrians who are viciously Anti-Semitic- see what these Islamists are doing in France, Belgium, UK, and Germany, where it is a Danger to wear Yarmulkes on the streets. All Hillarys Staffers and VP Pick and Advisors are Pro Palestinian like Kaine and Muslim Brotherhood affiliates like Podesta.

    Hillary took MILLIONS DOLLARS From the same people she made FEDERAL Deals with as Secretary of State, which is BRIBERY, And she took Millions from Foreign Governments, whom she now owes allegiance, such as Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. And she Sold our URANIUM to PUTIN, Through a Deal with Canada Uranium One, who she got MILLIONS Dollars from as did Bill and Podesta. She did this as Secretary of State, not as a Private Citizen. This is Unprecedented behavior from a Sacretary of State. She NEVER Disbursed the Money from her Foundation as Pure Charity as others do- She set up Corporations with Cronies to make money selling things-like Cell phones in Haiti, she never gave a dime for AIDS Drugs as she says, she just got 4 companies to make Millions selling cheap diluted Drugs. The money ends up filtering back to her, The promised Hospital in Haiti was never built.

    Hillary wants to RAISE our Taxes- we cannot afford it. She wants to Flood our cities with Illegals who sap our Tax Dollars and drain our Healthcare system- in fact she wants US the Taxpayer to Pay for Illegals Health care! Please, Please Vote with your Head on facts, not emotions.

  2. Cantor Malovany has said he sees Ivanka Trump Kushner daven with Kavana, and is quite observant, so those narrow-minded people who have any problems with her are the reason Moshiach isnt here!

  3. so funny. I saw the trump video on YWN and a few minutes later the Ivanka video on YWN seperately.

    then YWN got this great idea to make believe the 2 videos are connected!!

    (there is no disparaging reference that the Ohel is not a holy place chas vshalom-I just find it funny to guess the 2 are related)

  4. Great story except for the fact that the protester didn’t have a gun and the Donald was never in danger and the entire thing was essentially a false alarm.

    Maybe Invanka should pray that Ametica is saved from her father.

  5. #2: Let’s not judge. Let’s remember that Rus was a giyores and that David Hamelech decended from her. You never know what trials a person has in life, best not to jump to conclusions as if you know their spiritual status.

    Thank you for posting this chizuk that at the end of the day the only thing that can help is tefillos. No matter your political affiliation…..

  6. What a joke….someone yelling about the gas pipeline under construction near an Indian reservation tried to get some attention…there was NO GUN, no assassination attempt as tweeted by his son and media guys…the kind of protest that HRC gets all the time

    In the interim, rebbitzen trump is by the rebbe’s ohel for a photo op putting in a good word for Tuesday

    How did the Streisand song go?? “bring in the clowns…”

  7. According to the Guardian, a guy named Austyn Crites held up a sign that said “Republicans Against Trump.” Trump supporters started attacking him. Someone yelled something about a gun. Crites says he yelled that he had no gun, just a sign. The police came a rescued Crites from the mob.

  8. umm leahleh azoiis n yaakov doe first of all if ur a guy what r u staring at her for hoffman already spoke against this second what do we care about what a cantor says n whats he doing staring at her when she is davening n third of all she isnt tnzius because her knees atent covered duh such wackos here

  9. This is a perfect example of Tefila being “B’Rumo shel olam..but people denigrate it.” Who knows what great things will come from Yael’s (Ivanka’s) sincere tefillos? May her and her family see only nachas!

  10. A nes would’ve been if Donald Trump would be struck by lightening and a decent Republican – who also happens to be a conservative – runs against Clinton and wins.

    It’s not a miracle to have the biggest menuval, a serial adulterer and dumbest person even to run for president represent the Republican party.

    It is sad to credit the Lubavitcher Rebbe – or any other tzadik – with a disturbing event at a Trump campaign.

    The real story was as follows: At a campaign even in Reno, Nevada a registered Republican named Austyn Crites who is dissatisfied with his party’s nominee – as are all true conservatives who still remain with the GOP – attempted to exercise his right under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Crites arrived to the auditorium with a Republicans Against Trump sign that he purchased online. However, the Trump supporters – who like their candidate – detest free speech when negative about King Donald and decided to tackle him to the floor. The mob also attempted to get the Secret Service to eject him and so they yelled that he has a gun.

    To their delight, the man – who was bruised and beaten – was ejected from the auditorium and King Donald – who despite evading the draft also considered himself a hero for gambling his inherited wealth – now truly believes that he put his life on the line to save America.

    Woe to use that frum people see King Donald as their savior.

  11. leahle,

    Ivanka Trump couldn’t vote for her father in the primaries because she wasn’t registered as a Republican – as her father was until 2012.

    Trump is as liberal on all of the issues as Clinton – except if you believe that his views changed at the age of 70.

    “Trump is Pro-Israel”: Trump is the only candidate who refused to denounce BDS (even Clinton did). Trump also vowed to force Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians for peace, didn’t want to call for a united Jerusalem (until last week) and deferred on settlements at a meeting with orthodox Jews. He also called to cease funding to Israel and referred to a Palestinian State at his AIPAC speech. If this is pro-Israel then what is considered anti-Israel. Even Hillary Clinton’s AIPAC speech was more supportive of Israel!

    “strong on preventing Terror”: Other than sounding tough, Trump has no plan to defeat ISIS and prevent terror. This man – who had no idea what the nuclear triad is and suggested unconstitutional means of fighting terrorism and futile – suggested that we let ISIS fight their own battle. He also suggested that Saudi Arabia – the country who harbored Bin Laden and the 9/11 terrorists – should be allowed to attain nuclear weapons. Think about a terrorist attack with nuclear weapons!

    “against the Terrible Iran Nuke Deal that gave Billions in Cash to Mullah Iran”: The Iran Deal is a terrible one which will allows them to fund terror. However, what is Donald Trump’s plan? If we don’t have the Iran Deal in place to defer Iran’s nuclear bomb, we need military intervention – something the Donald refuses to entertain.

    “he wants to Lower Taxes”: Do you know who actively and vocally opposed Ronald Reagan’s tax plan of 1986? Donald Trump. Do you know who introduced the “Millionaire Tax”? Donald Trump. Do you know who never paid federal income taxes because he was a failed businessman? Donald Trump.

    “give Us School Vouchers to offset costs of Tuition”: He said the opposite when an orthodox Jew asked him at the aforementioned meeting at the Trump Towers. YWN featured the video. Have a peek.

    “Policies are Excellent for Americans”: Including his FDR-style isolationism and his Hamilton-style protectionism? What about his promises to racket up debt – and then default on it – for infrastructure spending or his hesitation to curb entitlements? His plan? Reduce the national deficit by reducing the trade deficit… No wonder Wharton is embarrassed that he allegedly graduated – as a transfer student – with a degree in Economics. Hia policies would result in an unprecedented recession. I don’t consider that good for America.

    “including the Jewish Community”: Any person running for office who promises to curb the First Amendment should be concerning to the Jewish community and any person who doesn’t promote religious liberty should be opposed. Read Hitler’so rhetoric and you’ll see that Trump’s harsh rhetoric against the Muslims – something that was denounced by Netanyahu – was used against the Jews mere decadea ago to exterminate 6 million Jews. We should be thankful for the Constitution and religious liberty and not vote for someone who seeks to undermine it. You never know when Trump’s supporters such as David Duke and Louis Farrakan will run to deport all the Jews. In addition, Steve Bannon – Trump’s CEO – is an avowed anti-Semite…

  12. Nu, both candidates have Jewish sons-in-law, and so does Joe Biden.
    This isn’t an internal election for a new Rebbe, where yichus is everything.

    I am not going to speculate on Ivanka’s reasons for going to the ohel. It could have been for the photo-op someone mentioned, or for sincere tefila, perhaps for both. Yet, to say that this action “saved” The Donald, who wasn’t in any danger, is simply a bad joke.

  13. what a moifes. Not only did the Rebbe stop the assassination attempt, he even got rid of the guy’s gun retroactively….

  14. Reports indicate that there was no gun and no threat to the Donald. Was the absence of a gun the result of Ivanka’s visit to the Rebbe’s ohel? I don’t think so.

    And, just to be clear, I have no objection to the Secret Service being over-cautious, but we must understand the facts that were revealed after their intervention.

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