Delta Sorry for Not Booting Pro-Trump Passenger From Plane


deltaDelta Air Lines is apologizing for not removing a passenger from a flight to Pennsylvania who rudely professed his support for President-elect Donald Trump and insulted those who didn’t.

The (Allentown) Morning Call first reported on a video posted on Facebook by a fellow passenger on the Tuesday flight from Atlanta to Allentown. The video shows the man standing in the aisle, yelling and insulting Hillary Clinton supporters.

Delta said on its website Saturday that it is “sorry this disruption happened” and says the airline is responsible for “ensuring all customers feel safe and comfortable.”



  1. #2 What many episodes in reverse? Trump and his followers can never apologize. They just make up “facts” to justify the disgusting behavior of their “dear leader” and his mob of followers.

  2. This article is so silly. Of course it’s threatening & uncomfortable for passengers if someone is standing on a seat & shouting insults. Paranoid Trumpers should not be like all the other so called “victims” in today’s PC climate and say they wouldn’t apologize if the reverse occurred. You don’t know that and it sounds childish. It is the airline’s responsibility to keep the passengers comfortable & this situation sounded very uncomfortable, even if you agree with what this moron was saying.

  3. With all the innovations being rolled out by the airlines, you would think someone by now would have developed an ejection seat capability for use by the pilot to deal with these disruptive passengers. On a more serious note, the guidelines governing liquor service on board need to be revisited, especially when a flight has been delayed and some passengers have already had several drinks at the bar or lounge prior to boarding.