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Amended Regulation Law Passes Its First Reading In Knesset

1The Regulation Bill was passed in its preliminary reading in Knesset in a 60-49 vote. The Bayit Yehudi party had to concede on the controversial paragraph 7, which would have retroactively legalized Amona, since the bill would not have passed with it included. Opponents explained the Knesset cannot legislate a law that is in direct contradiction to a High Court of Justice ruling, referring to the December 25, 2016 deadline for the removal of Amona issued by the court. As such, it is now clear to all that Amona will be evacuated for a second time while residents insist they have not yet given up all hope. Likud MK Benny Begin voted against the bill as he promised he would, for he feels it is irresponsible legislation which he refuses to be a part of.

Begin stood on principle and voted against it amid the awareness his vote for it or an abstention would not have impacted the outcome. Nevertheless he insisted on opposing the bill.

Not among those applauding the bill was opposition leader MK Yitzchak Herzog, who stated the bill is not representative of Zionism but rather “national suicide”. He and his colleagues warn that the bill result in a binational state rather than Jewish and Palestinian states.

Regional UN Envoy Nickolay Mladenov views the bill as a first step by Israel towards annexation of “the occupied West Bank”, warning of “far-reaching legal consequences” that will result.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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