VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Two NYPD Officers Injured While Chasing Suspect In Boro Park



Two NYPD Officers were injured in the Boro park section of Brooklyn, Wednesday morning.

The incident started in the area of 13 Avenue and 42 Street at around 11:45AM, when the 66 precinct Squad tried apprehending a suspect who was wanted for an outstanding warrant.

The suspect began running on foot, promoting officers to give chase.

He was taken into custody a few minutes later at 13 Avenue and 40 Street.

An NYPD Aviation Unit was hovering overhead, and NYPD ESU Units were on the scene as well including K-9.

FDNY-EMS was treating two officers who were injured during the pursuit. One was injured on 13 Avenue and 41 Street, and one was injured on 42 Street between 12 Avenue and 13 Avenue.

They appeared to be in stable condition.

The suspect was being taken to a hospital as well for minor injures.

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(Dov Gefen – YWN)


  1. He stole a piece of kugel from the heimeshe bakery. Other sources report that there was a knish (potato) too, but the suspect managed to throw it away before being apprehended. The knish was later recovered outside the BP day school, but several bite marks were on it, erasing all hand prints.

  2. political analyst- do you know how to read??!!
    “when the 66 precinct Squad tried apprehending a suspect who was wanted for an outstanding warrant” don`t make up your own narrative.
    Not getting involved- why so much hate??!! just calm down.

  3. @not getting involved

    Those Yoely’s cop wannabes will be there for you too when you’ll ch’vs need help. You might want to measure your words.

    Hashem’s help and ppl of such keeps our community safe..

  4. Finally the cops in the 66 saw some action chasing a perp with an old warrant. Those cops wouldn’t last a week in the 70 or the 67 precinct or most of the other Brooklyn precincts.

  5. nonthinker123 (jkng) True, but the warrant was likely for food related crimes. Word on the street is that he was nabbed in 2004 for crashing a beis yackov chanukah mesiba and gobbling down six jelly doughnuts before the coach of the machanayim team could tackle him (with gloves).

    And reports he was fined $321.00 for cheating during the Montvale Latke Eating Contest in 08′. This guy is a real crook I tell you. Good thing he eats so much though. That’s why the cops caught up to him so fatty-er, fast.