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Israeli Youths Collect Winter Garments For Syrian Children

1Israel’s Dror Youth Movement and Noar HaOved VeHalomed organization are collecting winter garments for Syrian children. They are calling their project Operation Human Warmth, hoping to bring humanitarian assistance to children in Syria in cooperation with yet another organization, Combat Genocide Association.

Persons wishing to donate are dropping off items in any of the sixteen collection centers around the country until January 12, 2017. Persons are asked to donate items that do not have Israeli symbols or Hebrew writing on them.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow. I have yet to read of Israel’s enemies ever coming to its aid in a humanitarian manner and yet, people are being asked not to bring anything with Hebrew on it! Hide the fact that Israelis are the only people that actually care for other humans. G-D forbid the world should find out! And the Syrians probably wouldn’t put the clothing on!

  2. I’m all for donating winter clothing for Syrian children. But it’s sad they have to write no Israeli symbols or Hebrew writing. I guess that means the tags too. Tags can be removed.

  3. The Israeli government is always busy boasting to the anti-Semitic world out there how they’re assisting other countries, esp Arabs, free of charge medically, “humanitarianly” and free electric power and water, etc., while Jews in Israel are poor and suffering and don’t get any help; their electricity and water is shut off and have no means of pay their non-affordable medical expenses but the govt wouldn’t care.

  4. Usually have to skip through Aryeh’s rants but for once he’s spot on. Why do yidden have to go elsewhere to find chessed to do. It’s on their own doorstep unless they’re so privileged they have no idea that poverty is found in every city in eretz Yisroel. One thing’s for sure – no-one will like Israel more because of it and certainly not the Syrians. Misguided chessed – a terrible avlo.

  5. Well said arye. Its a terrible situation going on with thousands of poor families in Eretz Yisroel , and again helping syrian children , as nice as it is , changes nothing

  6. Israel’s Dror Youth Movement and Noar HaOved VeHalomed organization!! PLEASE SEND THE COATS TO YOUR NEIGHBORS IN ISRAEL! YOU NEED TO DO THIS!

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