Photos Of Chareidi IDF Soldiers Uploaded To The Internet In A New Campaign


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idffExtremists have threatened to launch a shaming campaign against chareidim serving in the IDF and it appears uploading their photos to the internet may be the beginning of this effort. According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, this is part of an effort by organizations opposed to chareidim serving in the military, stepping up the campaign against the so-called ‘chardakim’.

According to the report, at present, photos of hundreds of soldiers were uploaded with a request for the tzibur to add photos to the database via Google Drive by simply photographing them in the community and on the streets. They promise to upload the photo of all chareidim serving, explaining it will take time but they will eventually shame them all.

There are already fears that this may lead extremists to use the identities of these individuals to harm them physically chas v’sholom. Kikar adds that the relevant officials in Israel Police are already working to have Google take down the database and to reveal the identities of those responsible.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This outrageous behavior is “Rechilus”, Bitul Zman, Retzicha and one of numerous reasons why many CHareidish young people are being chased away from frum yiddishkeit. “Yitamu Chatoim Min Ho’oretz.”

  2. This outrageous behavior is “Rechilus”, “Bitul Zman” and a form of Retzicha. The effect could only chase Chareidish young people away from frum yiddishkeit. “Yitamu Chatoim Min Ho’oretz.” –

  3. Kol Hakavod to every single IDF member. It is a foolish concept that Chareidim don’t have to learn how and in fact protect their own. It is a terrible selfish concept that other people’s children should risk their lives for you and your families when you yourselves refuse to learn how to protect yourselves. Every Jewish life is precious and important. Every single Jew is Chayav to protect themselves and their families. Every Chareidi soldier understands this. Each and every one of them will know how to protect their own family in case of an attack on them. Kol Hakavod to each and every one of them.

  4. It’s one thing to say – ‘we learn and pray, so Hashem protects us’. It’s another to publicly and recklessly embarrass, shame and most likely risk the lives of other Jews you disagree with.

    History has shown us – Shalom (peace) between Jews, will protect us, even if we are the worst sinners. Even in the time of King David, we lost battles due to Loshon Hara and infighting!

    Seriously, where have we strayed that the main focus is to have people toe a specific line of “frumkeit” and if not, shame them into oblivion? That’s not Torah, that’s something else- maybe cultlike mentality, maybe something worse.

  5. I would love to hear respected, great Rabbis explaining the “correct” Torah position on frumkeit issues. Many are afraid to come out alone, but will gladly sign on with others. Fanaticism needs to be addressed often and loudly. Not only will this clear the air for the people, but also to the press that love to shame us.

  6. The Gemara says anyone that invalidates another, is really invalidating themselves. I agree with @chaimwax. These people must have their own skeletons in their closet. Unfortunately, Loshon Hora rules mostly prohibit us from investigative journalism on other Jews. Otherwise, a full out investigative war on frumkeiters would be in order.

  7. So these hypocrites obviously have the internet, and probably smartphones as well but I thought most “chareidim” don’t have the internet so who are they publicizing these photos to?????

  8. It is despicable that we don;t hear from the rabbonim in Israel condemn this, but will condemn a school that dare to give an education to it’s students

  9. Why not publish photos, full addresses, and descriptive bios of those thugs that burn garbage, destroy property, intimidate, and physically harm their opponents, so the stores won’t sell to them, the schools won’t accept their children, the buses won’t allow them to board, and, worst of all, when they come shnorring at the doors, those won’t even open.