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Haifa Beis Din Dayan Seriously Wounded by Gunfire

01An assassin earlier today, Tuesday, 5 Teves, shot and seriously wounded a dayan serving on the Haifa Beis Din. The vitim, Rabbi Yechiel Iluz, 48, is a senior rov dealing with giyur in the northern city. The shooting took place on Atzmaut Street in Haifa and the assailant fled the scene. police are continuing the manhunt for him. The dayan was transported in serious condition to Rambam Medical Center.

Another shooting occurred minutes later, on nearby Giborim Street in the city. a 45-year-old male was killed. Police are working to determine if there is a connection between the shootings and if one was a case of mistaken identity.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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