PHOTOS: Rabbi Riskin Continues To Ordain Females




Efrat Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who represents the extreme liberal wing of Orthodox Jewry, continues to ordain female rabbonim via his Ohr Torah Stone-affiliated Midreshet Lindenbaum. Two additional women were given the title מנהיגה רוחנית ומורת הוראה; Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld, who has worked in this capacity in Efrat over the past two years and Rabbanit Shira Zimmerman, who teaches halacha to women and youths in a number of different institutions.

Midreshet Lindenbaum reports the women have successfully completed five years of study and passed all the exams on הלכות איסור והיתר, שבת, נדה, אבלות, חופה וגירושין וגיור.

It is pointed out that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel or other state agencies do not recognize the ordination given to the women by Rabbi Riskin.

YWN notes that Chief Rabbi of Efrat Rabbi Shlomo Riskin has previously referred to “J” as a “model Rabbi”, and called him “Rabbi J”. [VIDEO IS BELOW]

Some excerpts of the 5 minute video:

Shalom to all. My name is Shlomo Riskin. I am the Chief rabbi of the City of Efrat…..I am an Orthodox Rabbi…and an Orthodox Rabbi who is very profoundly interested in religion in general, in Christianity, and especially in the persona of Jesus in particular….I was truly fascinated by the personality of Jesus, whom to myself I have always referred to as “Rabbi Jesus”….because I think he is indeed a “model Rabbi” in many counts…and he lived the life of a Jewish Rabbi in Israel in a very critical time in our history…..I have constantly come back to the study of his personality and his teachings which are very strongly rooted in Talmudic teachings…..”


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Medreshet Lindenbaum)


  1. I thought he was supposed to be intelligent. The gospels have been shown to be fairytales though their contradictions and errors time after time and he is using them as part of a character study? Just embarrassing to see this fake”Rabbi” spreading his childish nonsense.

  2. If Revered Riskin is so particularly interested in the persona of “rabbi” J, he is welcome to join any Christian denomination, and leave us all alone. From where he stands already, it’s a very short bridge to……cross.

  3. How are Rav Riskin’s ordinations of “Rabbanits” different from similar ordinations of “Maharat,” (an acronym for manhiga hilkhatit rukhanit toranit) by Rav Weiss at his yeshiva for women in NYC.

  4. Not defending him, but maybe we should wait to hear his side of the story. I’ve met The rabbi and it is clear that he cares very much about klal Yisroel, far more than your average BP yid. He certainly has a cheshbon. We may disagree but to say he does this lehachis, is clearly an over reaction by someone who does not really know him. This is not the first controversial move by RR and it won’t be his last. He is consistent with his shitas and before we bash him, we should at least hear his explanations. We certainly have the right to disagree, but to say he is doing this lehachis is pure shtus.

  5. Are you sure the pictures are of women? I thought they were just very ugly looking clean shaven men. I guess looking the way they do they actually got confused themselves..
    And why they put the toilet paper into such fancy frames??

  6. In my opinion we have to view this in different light. If we would be diligent and make it very clear the greatness of women and the greatness of their role in this world… if we would make it very clear that men and women are reflections of two different sides of Hashem… that when it says, “בצלם אלוקים נברא האדם” it’s not just referring to men, but women as well… if we would make it very clear how praise worthy it is when a woman reflects the middat of Hashem’s Tzniyus… then such foolishness such as WOW and these women that attend these treif schools would never exist.

    These ladies are the byproducts of the influence of the goyish hashkafot that have penetrated Klal Yisrael. Women who understand their internal greatness and holiness that are a reflection of the female aspects of Hashem have no desire to belittle themselves to try to be men in women’s clothing.

    The truth is that feminists look down upon women and glorify the role of men. That is why they want to do the same as men. They do not recognize or understand the great significance of women and what they contribute to the world.

    Unfortunately, the fires of these misguided women are fueled by weak minded fools such as Riskin.

    BTW laptop – I’ve also met Riskin and read some of his writing. His “caring” for KY is not so much different than the goyim’s “love” for humanity. Both are only skin deep. I don’t believe that you will hear stories about Riskin the likes of Rav Arieh Levin, z”l.

  7. Very nasty comments by people whom I believe think of themselves as religious. Maybe all of you should do a chesbon Nefesh. Rabbi riskin is an unbelievable powerhouse in Torah and secular knowledge who has done more for klal yisroel than almost anyone I know. Stop bashing till you hear and study both sides A good Shabbos to all

  8. #10. Mr Riskin has been filling many papers with his absolutely disgraceful shittos and opinions. There is no need to be dan lekaf zchus someone who is a disgrace to anything to do with authentic Judaism.
    The Salvation Army also does good things but that doesn’t mean we should go into discussions with them

    and to laptop number 10
    obviously you don’t know him (or maybe you do which would be worse!). i know him and this whole woman rabbi thing is the least of his issues. unfortunately this guy doesn’t believe in the ikrei emuna and torah shb’al peh. so lets stop calling him rabbi and stop posting his narishkeit please.