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Minister Erdan: MK Odeh Incited Violence In Um Chiran

1Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan responded to the fatal vehicular terror attack and clashes between Bedouins and security forces in Um Chiran in southern Israel Wednesday morning 20 Teves, explaining that the High Court ruled in the matter and following weeks of negotiations, the state was compelled to act in line with the High Court ruling. Erdan explained officials tried to work something out with residents and following weeks of failed talks, they were compelled to act, as they did this morning.

Erdan had harsh words for MK Adey Odeh, accusing him of coming to the area to incite local residents, which led to violent clashes and injuries. Erdan explained security forces did not act on their own, but were carrying out a High Court order yet Odeh was there to feed the flames of dispute and agitate the situation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. So the pals and this dog Odeh want the State of Israel, homeland of the Jewish people to evict Jews from their homes in Amona, homes built with Government approval, but riot and murder when the Government tries to carry out orders from the same “High” Court ordering the eviction of Bedouin from shacks erected without any license or permission. Strange old world isn’t it. No not really. Trump is right, the pals expect more and more the more they are given. Throw a dog a bone and he will keep coming back for more. Show him you will give him nothing and he will limp away.

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