Yahadut HaTorah Threatens to Quit But…


Yahadut HaTorah MKs are in a quandary, seeking a way to protest their outrage over the removal of the kevarim from the Barzilai Hospital site, yet they are aware they lack the political might to hold the prime minister over a barrel.

The faction members convened on Monday afternoon to discuss the government’s defiance, moving the bones despite a p’sak from gedolim prohibiting the action, with MK Menachem Eliezer Moses announcing during the morning hours that he favors breaking away from the coalition. He told members of the press the party cannot permit the government to carry out such actions while remaining part of the coalition, permitting such blasphemous actions.

Moses later in the day however realized that things are not as simple as they sometimes appear, and speaking with reporters again following the faction meeting he stated the party also does not wish to open the door for Kadima’s entry into the coalition, realizing if it quits, it is will significantly easier to cut a deal with the secular Kadima party.

For now, Yahadut HaTorah MKs continue “weighing their options” but it does not appear that a break from the coalition is imminent. The faction announced the removal and relocation of the bones was a major coalition agreement violation and as such, the faction will not take part in the Monday evening no-confidence motion to support the coalition.

Each faction member will consult with his rav to seek guidance as how to act in response to the government’s actions.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. This is what marraige is all about. Some times you don’t agree with your spouse. But, before you run to get that “get” you must realize that it’s very cold and lonely out there.

    Mazel tov Bibi on marginalizing these guys. Who’s next?