Hikind Pushes Bibi About Security On Har Zeisim


Aghast at the recent reports of vandalism and mayhem overrunning Har Hazesim (Mount of Olives) Cemetery, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has written directly to Israeli Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu urging him to take immediate steps to secure the premises and repair the demolished headstones.

“Surely, there are cost-effective security measures which can be implemented to prevent such an unspeakable desecration from re-occurring,” Hikind wrote to Netanyahu. “The installation of security cameras and regular patrolling of this holy site are just some of the improvements which can and should be made without delay.”

Hikind also stated that he has been contacted by several enraged constituents who either have loved ones buried at Har Hazesim, or have purchased their own burial plots at the site. One such constituent, who recently visited Har Hazesim, provided the Assemblyman with dozens of photographs which bear witness to the decimated and uprooted tombstones.

Upon seeing the photos, Hikind noted, “There is no comparison to hearing about the ruins and seeing it with my own eyes. I pray Prime Minister Netanyahu will take swift action to ensure not only the sanctity of the cemetery, but also the peace of those for whom Har Hazesim is a final resting place.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)