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YWN Wishes All A Gut Yom Tov!

shav.jpgWhether you will be traveling, at home, with family or with friends; YWN would like to wish all of our devoted readers and advertisers, a wonderful Yom Tov of Kabolas Hatorah.

NOTE: (NYC) Alternate Side Parking regulations will be suspended on Wednesday and Thursday, May 19-20 for Shavuos. All other regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect.

Misaskim has made arrangements with a non-Jew to work with them regarding any incidents of Kovod Hames. Chas Vishalaom if a person is Niftar on Yom Tov, and there is a possibility of an autopsy about to take place, or any other urgent legal matter, please call the Misaskim 24hr hotline number 718-854-4548 and it will be answered. Please note, this arrangement is for Kavod Hames related emergencies ONLY.

ALERT: Shomrim have asked YWN to post the following request: KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE SHAVUOS NIGHT! (Vehamayvin Yavin….)

–YWN Admin

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