Terror Alert in the Heart of Tel Aviv [UPDATED]


1:33PM IL: Police in the Dizengoff area, the heart of Tel Aviv, are searching for an Arab couple believed to be terrorists planning to perpetrate an attack in the area. At this time, it is unclear but there was an “incident” on a local bus a short time earlier, tipping police off to the two.

Eyewitnesses describe the two as “having an Arab appearance”. A police chopper is hovering overhead assisting in the search for the suspects.

1:39PM IL: It appears the male stood in a crowded number 5 bus and shouted “Itbach al Yahoud” (slaughter the Jews). Alarmed passengers tried to get off the bus but an Arab female blocked the door. The two then fled, prompting the manhunt. The male is reportedly wearing black trousers and the female is clad in “traditional Arab garb”.

1:51PM IL: A Dan Bus Company spokesman indicates the driver of the number 5 bus did not feel a need to report the incident to authorities, continuing on his route. It appears a number of passengers summoned police after getting off the bus. 

2:30PM IL: Portions of Dizengoff Street are closed to traffic to facilitate the ongoing police manhunt.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. The bus driver was probably in cohorts with the terrorists. Dan and Egged hire an abundant of Arab drivers, why? the salary, benefits and holiday package is gr8, hire OUR OWN.