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Emanuel is Behind Us – Now the Chinuch Atzmai Internal Battle

The Emanuel Beis Yaakov case may have bought a bit of tranquility inside the divided Chinuch Atzmai operation, and with the Emanuel affair behind us, at least for the time being, Chinuch Atzmai officials are preparing for their day in court on Sunday, July 4th, as the sides continue efforts to take control of the organization. Perhaps the sides should have attended the ahavas yisrael seminars held in Emanuel during the past days.

Kol HaChareidi reports that the in-fighting which has plagued Chinuch Atzmai directly impacted the Emanuel case, inhibiting efforts to reach a settlement since the leaders of the organization are not cooperating with one another. It is no secret that the power struggle to determine who will control Chinuch Atzmai has been going on for some time, and the court will have to decide a number of key issues; including if Rabbi Avraham Yosef Lazerson can by a member of the directorate and if the Moetzas Gedolei HaTorah’s decision regarding the makeup of the directorate will be accepted and be legally binding.

Efforts to reach an agreement are ongoing as the sides would prefer to avoid having the secular court once again adjudicate a major controversy that is critical to the chareidi community. Critics point out that Chinuch Atzmai has been plagued with infighting for too long, and it has taken its toll on the system and the schools as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. We are fortunate in America that there is no “official” or “central” education in the frum community (Torah v’Mesorah is a service organization – it doesn’t actually run schools). Our independence and diversity creates a good situation. Having a central bureaucracy, even if well meaning and benign, hurts education. Better to let each parent decide what is best, and whomever wants to set up a school and compete for parental support should do so.

  2. What hypocricy!
    100,000 people protest against the Sepharadim for taking their issues to court and then run to court to settle their own fights.
    would be funny if our children’s future wouldn’t depend on these clowns

  3. this article leaves out the fact that the dispute is already in a secular court.
    arkaos oy!
    i guess the proper headline should be. “Rav Ovadia Says that the Heads of Chinuch Atzmai Have No Share in the World to Come”

  4. “Chinuch Atzmai has been plagued with infighting for too long, and it has taken its toll on the system and the schools as well.”

    I dont get it (maybe you have to live in E”Y to understand this), why not clean house and let the gedolim appoint new people to run chinuch atzmai.

    Where are all the “askanim” when there is a true communal need?

  5. To a apushatayid it’s very simple even the Gedolim cannot agree about who should run Chinuch Atzmai.
    I remember reading an article in the Yated Ne’eman, (I think about a year ago), celebrating the fact that after 16 years the Moetzes of Agudas Yisroel and Degel Ha’Torah finally put their differences aside to work together. They were celebrating I was weeping. Klal Yisroel is burning but all we care about is power and money.

  6. ochein noida ha’dovor,!!!
    If they go to court because of machloikes, then the mida kneged mida (poetic justice) STARES YOU IN THE FACE.
    Of course if you go to court then Hashem gives the court power over you !!

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