PHOTOS: Fire At Woodridge (Fellers) Pizza Store [UPDATE 10:13PM EST]


3:40PM EST: [UPDATES & PHOTO LINK POSTED BELOW] Woodridge Fire Department is on the scene of a “working structure fire” at the Woodridge Pizza Store (Fellers Pizza) located at 9 Broadway.

Fire departments from Mountaindale and Woodburne have been requested to respond for mutual aid assistance.

Catskills Hatzolah has been dispatched and units are staging at the scene as a precaution.

There are no reported injures at this time.

UPDATE 3:43PM EST: A second alarm has been transmitted by the fire department.

UPDATE 3:51PM EST: Mutual aid assistance has just been requested from Fallsburg FD.

UPDATE 3:52PM EST: YWN-183 live on the scene tells us that there is still a heavy smoke condition.

UPDATE 3:59PM EST: Mutual aid assistance has just been requested from the Rock Hill FD – “all available man-power to respond to the scene”.

UPDATE 4:18PM EST: Mutual aid has been requested to respond from the town of Loch Sheldrake.

The fire is still not under control.

UPDATE 4:24PM EST: A 3rd alarm has been transmitted for heavy fire in the store.

UPDATE 4:38PM EST YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos of the fire.

UPDATE 4:44PM EST: Mutual aid assistance has been requested from the town of Wurtsboro.

UPDATE 6:00PM EST: Fire fighters are still fighting this fire. The structure has collapsed….

UPDATE 8:00PM EST: The remaining standing structure has been leveled by the fire department.

UPDATE 8:10PM EST: There is wide-spread power outages in the Woodridge are due to the fire. Camp Morris, Skver Camp, Highland Park are just a few of the locations without power.

UPDATE 8:22PM EST: Misaskim has sent a light tower & generators to Camp Morris.

UPDATE 10:13PM EST: YWN has been informed that some locations have had their power restored.

(YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2010)


  1. Shragi, we’re so sorry to hear the news. We know you’re a strong person with a tremendous amount of emunah and that will certainly get you through this bump in the road.
    A friend from Ateres Yeshaya

  2. Shragi,
    May Hashem give you the strength to make it through this challenge. Your friends are here for you with encouragement and support.

    HaMakom yemalei chesroncha.

  3. This is so awful, but B”H no one was hurt. I hope the owners can re-build, or at least relocate quickly. This is their parnassah.

  4. Shragi,

    I can’t believe this happened to you. I was just by you Erev Shabbos!
    Hashem should give you koiach to rebuild.

    For starters, everybody out there should go to Sprinkles at 4 corners to give the Feller’s some business!

  5. Lesson learned – If you’re not interested in having your property burn to the ground in the mountains, learn how to fight fires yourself. I see no reason at the beginning of this fire that they didn’t do an inside attack. There’s not risking your lives and then there is being lazy, this appears to be the latter.