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Russian, 23, Held In U.S. Over Spy Case

A 23-year-old Russian who came to light during the recent spy case is in federal custody, CNN reports.

The man is not suspected of passing any classified information to Russia, like the 10 Russian agents who each pleaded guilty to a charge of acting as foreign agents, the official said.

The man is expected to be deported soon, said the official, who couldn’t say where the man is being held.

The official, who called the 10 suspected spies who were deported “small fish,” said the 23-year-old Russian wasn’t “even in the aquarium.”

The Russian received a visa to enter the United States last July, came to the United States in October and has been monitored ever since, the official said.

The 10 Russian agents were part of a swap completed last week between the United States and Russia.

The United States transferred the 10 to the Russian Federation and the federation released four people imprisoned for alleged contact with Western intelligence agencies.

Authorities have lost track of another suspect, who was detained in Cyprus, released on bail, and then failed to check in with authorities as he had been required to do.

(Source: CNN)

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