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Calling PETA! NYC May Fight Geese With Dogs

WCBSTV reports the following:

The New York City Parks Department is considering a proposal to bring border collies with trainers to scare away the geese in Prospect Park.

After rounding up and euthanizing 400 geese earlier this summer to control the population, park administrator Tupper Thomas said scaring them away with a dog is a less brutal option.

“Have them bark away at the geese and make them uncomfortable and get them to fly to another location,” Thomas said.

The method has worked in places like Seattle, CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport reports, and it also keeps the park a little cleaner.

The Humane Society likes the idea, but other animal rights advocates do not.

“Why are we doing this when what we should be focusing on co-existing with other wildlife that we’re lucky enough to interact with and admire in city parks,” Friends of Animals worker Edita Birnkrant said.

Park Slope residents and Prospect Park fans, meanwhile, are laughing at the idea.

“I think it sounds like you made it up,” said Kelsey Bennett, when asked about the wild goose chase. “If I step in it, it’s disgusting.”

The idea of fewer droppings has Anna Catherine Rutledge looking forward to a clean park.

“It’s kind of gross when he stomps through goose poop,” she said, referring to where her son steps. “They’re mean. They’re ornery. They’re not afraid of kids.”

Other potential ideas being considered are ticketing people who feed the geese and oiling or destroying their eggs before they hatch.

(Source: WCBSTV)

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  1. I say call in the NRA. They know how to take of Canadian geese. Or, I got a better one; remove them from the list of federally protected wildlife. Now, that would be smart!

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