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Cornerstone Of Chinuch

It is the deepest desire of Jewish parents worldwide: that our children have good middos. Yet, as the million-dollar question begs, how do we teach good middos to our children? If only it was as simple as following a prescribed course of action—and presto! Results.

Of course, as we all know, anything meaningful in life requires lots of hard work first, and there are no quick fixes. However, sometimes we are given a wonderful tool to help simplify the process for ourselves.

Cornerstone of Chinuch is one such tool. In this jewel of a book, Rabbi Yonoson Yodaiken, principal of the largest Chareidi elementary school in England, as well as educational consultant for dozens of schools throughout the country and across the globe, takes teaching good middos head-on. In his clear and organized fashion, he sets forth ten specific strategies for how to instill good middos in our children. These tactics include planning ahead of time a course for our children’s middos development, working on our own example for our children to learn from, and making Hashem part of our daily life. Additionally, two entire chapters focus on how to enter the child’s world and how to communicate effectively with our children, both components being integral to teaching good middos to our children.

Chock-full with tips, practical advice, educational tools, as well as many inspirational stories, this book has the power to change your home and your children’s lives.

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