Menashe Miller Returns From Iraq – Sworn In As New Lakewood Mayor


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On Friday morning the Lakewood Township held its annual reorganization meeting, where Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller was sworn in as the Mayor for 2011.  Also sworn in, was newcomer Albert Akerman. The committee is now comprised of Menashe Miller, Steven Langert, Albert Akerman, Ray Coles and Meir Lichtenstien. The Deputy Mayor, is now former Mayor Steven Langert.

This is Menashe Miller’s first time being Mayor since joining the committee – together with Meir Lichtenstien – in 2002.

Yesterday, Menashe Miller, who is a  Major in the Air Force, returned back to Lakewood after completing a 6-week long deployment in Iraq.

Click HERE for photos by TLS.

(Source & Photos : TLS)


  1. A real kiddush Hashem.

    Don’t hesitate to serve your country in the military either, if that’s what you want to do. (I’m an army veteran myself.)