NYC: Beware Of Pot Holes & Alternate-Side Parking


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Drivers beware: all this bad weather is taking its toll on the roads and several drivers learned the hard way Saturday about the massive pot holes around the area.

About two dozen cars had flat tires and even rim damage after hitting a large pothole along the Henry Hudson Parkway near Dykman Street in Inwood.

The pothole was in the northbound lanes and has since been plugged.

One more weather-related driving note: the city says alternate side parking rules will resume on Monday.

So make sure you dig your car out and move it.

(Source: WABC)


  1. If they managed until now with leaving the hydrants blocked by snow mounds for weeks, why do I get a ticket for blocking it just enough to get a child?

  2. It’s ridiculous There is no place to put your car there is so much snow still on the street. I would like Councilman Greenfield & Lander to see that the city should have a plan to remove all the snow from te curbs & crosswalks.

  3. roshYeshiva:
    This isn’t a Bloomberg issue.
    Do you think any mayor would (1) lower the costs of tickets (2) field less Traffic agents (3) allow illegal parking?
    Yes, the street need to be plowed. Yes, snow is a pain. But don’t for a second think that the next mayor will be more forgiving on cars. Too many cars, no room to expand, and worsening congestion.

  4. I part of that group. I was with my Girlfriend and mother in law when next thing we know. 2 damaged tires one of which popped like a balloon, two bent rims, and the car’s suspension rides lower on the left side now. Gonna find out what the damage is at the mechanic’s tommorow.
    This is horrible!
    Is there some kind of compensation for damages on something like this or are we pretty much out of luck?