Bochrim In Japan Not Affected By Horrific Quake & Tsunami


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These days, when we hear about an earthquake in Japan- all of Klal Yisroel are wondering – has this affected the two Yeshiva Bochrim in prison over there at all?

R’ Aron Nezri, and R’ Meilech Bindinger, the main keyplayers in the case, have been in constant contact to make sure everything is ok.

R’ Aron reports to us: “We have been, and continue to be in constant contact with those in Japan. The Chiba detention centre has not been affected at all. Even if water does come off of the shores of Chiba it will not hit the district as it is high up on a hill. I have had someone go a number of times already to the prison to make sure the boys are ok and he will continue to go over the next few days to check on the boys as well.”

Rabbi Binyomin Edery, the local Chabad shaliach who often visits the boys said “Today we had a major earthquake, thank G-d we are all fine. All the houses and buildings literally swung, trains are not operating, highways have been closed and phone lines down. There hasn’t been such a strong earthquake in the Tokyo area for at least 70 years. This is a very strong Tsunami.”   and added “One of the signs of the Redemption is that the earth will shake and get worn out like a garment. We hope and pray that G-d will continue to protect Japan and all the people that no harm will befall anybody.

Thank you to all those that called, emailed, or prayed for us. May Hashem give you only good tidings.”


The tzibur is requested to continue being Mispallel for Yoel Zev ben Mirel Reesa Chava and Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel.

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  1. Why isn’t there an article about the Chabad in Japan or the other Pacific Islands, or about the Jewish members of the US Military stationed in Japan, or the Jews at the Israeli Embassy in Japan.
    Get your priorities straight at a time like this.

    NOTE: There IS an article about Chabad, and YWN reported that every member of the US Military is accounted for. Additionally, we published another article about the 25 Israelis unaccounted for.

  2. CharlieHall, given your academic background, I would have expected you to state: “the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan” and NOT “the strongest earthquake every experienced by Japan.”

    Your most humble ‘English as a 5th language’ speaker.

  3. B”H they are fine, I was especially worried since one of them is a cousin of mine and I don’t think his parents could have handled another heart ache.

  4. Maybe if they weren’t there this wouldn’t have happened, maybe this is a message to Japan, or maybe it’s a chance to let Israel help Japan so that Israel is seen in a better light – or maybe they will be so preoccupied with this disaster that they will cancel the trial and send them back home to Israel free, which is where and how they belong.