Mubarak Speaks For First Time Since Ousted From Power; Denies Abuse Of Power‎


Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian president, says that he will cooperate with the country’s general prosecutor during a corruption investigation, and defended himself against a campaign of “distortions, lies and incitement” against him.

In his first public message since being forced from office by a popular uprising on February 11, Mubarak said he felt “a lot of pain” due to the “unjust campaign” against him and his family.

“I cannot stay silent regarding the incitement campaign against me,” he said in the pre-recorded message that was aired on Al Arabiya television on Sunday.

Mubarak said that he had given up his position as president in “the interest of the country”, and that he has “decided to stay away from politics”.

He said he had “waited for weeks” for the general prosecutor’s office to conduct its investigations, and asserted that he did not own any assets abroad.

“I agree to submit any written letters to help the general prosecutor and foreign ministry to ask any government in the world to expose my assents abroad since I took office,” he said. “I want to make sure that the Egyptian people know I only own assets in a bank account inside the country.”

He said that he would submit written approval to the authorities to allow them to investigate his own and his family members’ possible ownership of assets abroad.

“All the assets I own and my sons are far from any allegations of corruption,” he said.

“After the legal process is complete, I reserve the right to legally pursue those who engaged in lies and distortions against me.”

The message was recorded at Mubarak’s residence in Sharm al Shaikh on Saturday.

(Source: Al Jazeera)


  1. The United States will yet regret that you were forced from power. Your friend: Israel wanted you to stay. The country’s enemey the Moslem Brotherhood will make it another Iran