Bernard Madoff Says He Wants To Teach College Students Business Ethics


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There are more surprising revelations coming from Ponzi schemer, Bernard Madoff.

During yet another prison interview, Bernard Madoff told ‘The Financial Times’ he wants to teach – of all things – business ethics.

Madoff says he would teach at the college level, remotely.

He claims several schools have approached him.

Madoff also admitted his slide into deceit began in 1992 when he started paying some returns with money from new deposits.

Madoff is serving a 150 year sentence in a federal prison in North Carolina.

(Source: WABC)


  1. As I have said before (and as I am sure everyone remembers that I said it), Bernard Madoff has nothing but time on his hands and, possibly, the friendship of Michael Pollard to pass the time. As a successful – very successful, until recently – con man, he knows how to get people’s attention. Since we now know that he is a successful con man, we cannot take him at his word. As long as news organizations seek him out and respond to him by publishing his comments, he will continue to find things to say to attract them and lessen the severity of his life in prison. News organizations could advance the cause of his punishment by ignoring him.