Shomrim London NW Comes To Rescue Of Missing Child


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The successful search for a missing child in North West London has highlighted the quick response of Shomrim NW London.

Last week a child was reported missing after he failed to return home from school at the normal time. Shomrim NW London headed the search and Boruch Hashem, the child was returned home by 11pm the same evening.  A spokesman for Shomrim NW London told the Jewish Tribune:  “the quicker Shomrim and police are notified of a missing person the easier it may be to find them. Police should be called on 999 while Shomrim NW should be immediately alerted on 0300 999 1234.”

Shomrim NW have protocols in place to liaise with the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, Transport for London, Hatzola and the community volunteers as we have successfully done in the past four major searches. There are procedures for full scale searches for missing persons across London, with Shomrim North West and Shomrim Stamford Hill working in partnership.

A thirty two hour search throughout Shabbos for an 82 year old deaf man with dementia that was carried out several months ago was brought to a successful conclusion.

Just over a year ago, a successful seven hour search for an autistic child was coordinated with over 600 volunteers in attendance. In the above, the Metropolitan Police were informed at the beginning of the search and were extremely helpful throughout.

Barnet Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Neil Basu has asked Shomrim NW London to relay the following message to the Jewish Community: “There has been some community feedback suggesting that people have to wait 24 hours before notifying the police of a missing child. I would be grateful if you could dispel that myth in the Orthodox community. There is no qualifying period for alerting the police and certainly not in the case of a missing child where an immediate call to police should always be the response.”

The Community Security Trust also praised Shomrim NW for its speedy response to a potentially hazardous situation. “CST congratulates Shomrim NW for co-ordinating and carrying out a comprehensive search this week for the missing child. If such a situation occurs again then Shomrim NW has shown that they can manage a widespread search very quickly. Well done to all their volunteers and members of the community who helped with the search.”

The Shomrim NW London 24 hour emergency hotline 0300 999 1234, is manned by controllers fluent in Hebrew, Yiddish, German and English to enable an immediate response and to ensure Police get correct information.

(Dina Rosell – Jewish Tribune UK)