Obama To Court Jewish Donors At June Fund-Raiser


Some Jewish voters may be skittish about supporting President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, but there appear to be plenty who are ready to open their wallets.

A high-dollar fund-raiser targeting the Jewish community is set for June 20 in Washington, according to a person familiar with the planning. Mr. Obama plans to speak at the event. Many of the fund-raisers Mr. Obama has headlined in recent weeks have been small dinners where attendees have the opportunity to ask the president questions, and this event is expected to be structured in this fashion.

A story in today’s Wall Street Journal explained that some fund-raisers are concerned that financial support for Mr. Obama will drop off due to a perception that the president has been too tough on Israel in trying to push forward a Middle East peace plan. For instance, he has pressured Israel to halt construction of settlements in disputed territory. Many in the Jewish community will be looking to see how Mr. Obama frames the peace process in a major speech today on the Middle East.

Mr. Obama remains focused on the region in the coming days. On Friday, he meets with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, and on Sunday he addresses the pro-Israel lobby, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.



  1. give obama nothing, no money, no support and most of all no vote in the next election, his is using the liberal jew as a tool to wreck havoc on Israel and the world, you need not go further then this past weeks happening at the northern borders of Israel. Obama has emboldened our enemies and in the process we appear to weak lambs waiting for the slaughter to come

  2. Unfortunately, there are many wealthy and high profile Jews who don’t practice Judaism. They think that they’re Tikkuning the World! Their false leaders of deviant forms of practice such as Conservative, Reform, Reconstruction, etc. fill their heads with all kinds of left-wing social agenda items and tell them that “that’s what being a Jew is about – Tikkun Olam”, and nothing else!

    We need to do a better job of kiruv. We need to educate the followers of these false religions and show these precious neshomas a real Shabbos, a real Yom Tov, real Yiddishkeit.

    We proclaimed “Naaseh V’Nishma!” Naaseh comes first! Learning Torah is important. Doing something constructive with what you learned is more important!

  3. There are plenty Jewish people in need of money and that money would be better spent helping out own! Give money to Obama and he will make sure the Arabs get more of American dollars. Wise up!!!

  4. With “friends” like this monster in the White House, we don’t need any enemies! How any (even slightly) self respecting Jew can give him money or votes, is completely beyond me. Now is the time for ALL Jews to turn to Hashem for help in overcoming our enemies, because now we know that we have absolutely nobody on whom to rely except for Hashem. I guess it’s probably a good thing that we’re seeing what Obama really is (not that we didn’t know before), for now we know we MUST turn to Hashem! May we be zoche to his help!

  5. Give money to Zaka, MDA and other agencies who respond to attacks that are the outcome of US presidents pushing “PEACE”.
    Dont give HIM a cent!!!!