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Syrian Forces Open Fire On Protesters, At Least 27 Killed In Violent Protests

Syrian security forces have killed dozens of protesters in the latest armed crackdown on protesters, a leading Syrian human rights researcher has told Al Jazeera.

Razan Zeitouna, a human rights lawyer, said activists had listed names of more than 30 protesters shot by security forces in Friday’s crackdown, adding that a further two victims were yet to be identified.

Nine protesters were killed in Maret al-Naiman and Kafr Nabal, suburbs of Hama, nine were killed in Homs, including an 11-year-old boy, four were killed in Berze, a suburb of Damascus, and one person died in Sanamein, near Deraa.

A witness told Al Jazeera they were shot when police officers opened fire on Friday, after their vehicle crashed into a wall and was attacked by protesters.

“The four secret police officers opened fire on the protesters with machine guns,” said the witness.

The attack took place after officers drove police cars into a crowd of about 2,000 demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them, a second witness said.

After hitting several protesters with the vehicles, one of the cars crashed into a wall, prompting the officers to jump out and open fire.

Four other protesters were also killed, while at least seven others were wounded.

(Source: Al Jazeera)

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  1. This can go on indefinitely until the Syrian military threat to Israel is dissipated. Would that be good for the world?

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