Palestinian PM Suffers Heart Attack While Visiting U.S.


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Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad suffered a heart attack while visiting the U.S. and is recovering at a Texas hospital, a spokesman said Monday.

Fayyad, who was born in 1952, was in Austin to attend the college graduation of his son, Khaled, when he felt strong chest pains Sunday, said the prime minister’s spokesman, Jamal Zakout.

Fayyad, a heavy smoker, underwent tests showing a blockage in a coronary artery, Zakout said. Fayyad suffered a heart attack while at the Seton Medical Center in Austin, the spokesman said.

Doctors performed a catheterization to open the artery, Zakout said, adding that Fayyad is expected to leave the hospital in two days.

Fayyad has been prime minister since 2007. He was appointed after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas fired then-Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, following the violent Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip.

(Source: KSL)


  1. Let me see if I get this. The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority sends his kid to college in Austin, Texas? I presume that would be the University of Texas – go Longhorns, beat the Aggies, or the Sooners, or the Razorbacks, or the Horned Frogs, or whoever you would like to beat. So this son of the PM of the PA goes to college at a state university in a state where George W. Bush was governor? Unless the kid was on the football team, I would guess he is not some blood-thirsty monster. But if I were some amateur, self-appointed “political analyst,” I could say that clearly someone is coddling Israel’s sworn enemy. Well, I’ll leave that to some self-appointed political analyst and simply marvel at the possibility that this kid might bring a piece of American reasonableness into his father’s household. Maybe that is why his father sent him to the University of Texas.

    And I wish his father a speedy recovery.

  2. In fact, PM Fayyad is the first Palestinian leader in many decades — possibly ever — who is neither an anti-Semite, nor a kleptocrat, nor a brutal dictator, nor a statist, nor a religious fanatic. To the contrary, he is a well respected American-trained economist who once worked for the Federal Reserve Bank. He believes that economic prosperity that comes through a free market economy can make Palestine peaceful and prosperous. He has also cooperated with Israeli security forces to reduce terror attacks. Unfortunately, his political movement got 2.4% of the vote in the 2006 Palestinian election, and his days as PM were probably numbered because of the supposed making-up of Hamas with Fatah. I truly wish him a speedy and complete recovery from his illness, and I wish him well politically as well.

  3. #1
    Let me see if I get this. Some self appointed political analyst deduces that because some yemach shemo has a heart attack in the US he must have a heart. Half of the Arab big wigs send their kids to American universities so that they can live of the fat of our land. They have a way easier time getting visas than Israeli scientists and musicians. Plenty of them are as blood thirsty as their fathers, and many are involved in setting up terrorist cells within our borders as Americans turn a blind eye. Yes, some of them go to flying school and… Will we ever learn?
    “American reasonableness” reasons that with a little taste of democracy our sworn enemies will learn to make nice. American reasonableness does not see the frightening Islamic single minded mission of Jihad. NO! This is not football. There is no sportsmanship among those who seek our destruction. We’re talking a full blown world takeover in the name of Allah. We are the ones who need a refuah shelemah. WAKE UP!

  4. “Half of the Arab big wigs send their kids to American universities so that they can live of the fat of our land. They have a way easier time getting visas than Israeli scientists and musicians.”

    That has nothing to do with being Israeli. It has to do with the fact that the number of student visas is essentially unlimited, but that if you want to work as a scientist or a musician in the US and you aren’t a US National, you have to show that there is a labor shortage in that field.

    Nevertheless I personally work with numerous Israeli scientists here in the US.

  5. I personally didnt know what to think of this PM and why his grandchildren learn in America, but when i saw this liberial charliehall sticking up for him I know what to think.!!!!!!

  6. What’s his mothers name? I can’t understand why this narishkeit makes it to YWN if he dropped dead I can understand the need to post this so that we can make a l’chaim